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Growth Mindset

Encouraging children to become confident and resilient learners

‘Successful Learners; Success for Life’ is central to what we believe at St Andrew’s. For children to be successful they need to know how to be successful and understand the process of how they learn.

Our growth mindset approach to learning provides pupils with a toolkit to enable them to be confident and resilient learners.

Pupils are:

  • Encouraged to learn from their mistakes and see them as a learning opportunity for improvement.
  • Given feedback that gives them the information they need to constantly improve their work.
  • Taught strategies to develop perseverance by understanding ways of becoming ‘unstuck’ independently.
  • Taught in mixed ability classes as this has been proven to be much more effective than ability setting.
  • Expected to achieve through teaching strategies that are inclusive to all learners.
  • Aware of how hard work and embracing challenges are key ingredients to improvement.

Please see the Growth Mindset presentation below which was shown to parents at the recent meetings:

Powerpoint Presentation

This is what some of our children think of Growth Mindset:

Chloe “It encourages you to learn more.”

Phoenix “It gives you confidence if you are a little bit stuck.”

George “It helps you to try your best and never give up.”

Jess “When you make mistakes it doesn’t matter because you can learn from them.”

Freya “It helps you not to give up if you are stuck. It’s a good thing to be challenged.”

Here are some of our Growth Mindset displays: