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Condover 2022

What is a residential?

A residential is a great tradition in schools across the United Kingdom. It allows schools to take groups of children away for a few days to experience a range of activities (typically outdoors) that would not otherwise get to experience.


Why is going on residential good?

Residential is an amazing part of the St. Andrew’s experience. Whilst away, you will get to grow as a person and achieve things that you would never thought you could achieve. Whether that is something small like remembering to shower every day or something huge like staying away from home, everyone is successful and comes away was incredible memories.


Where is Condover Hall?

Condover Hall is located in Shropshire, United Kingdom, approximately 2 hours away from Evesham. It offers the ideal combination of outdoor and indoor adventurous activities. Considered one of the most outstanding Elizabethan manor houses in England, this Grade I listed building intertwines the charm of rural Britain with easy motorway access.


What do I do if my child requires medicines?

A medical form should be collected from the office, completed and returned to school by Friday 21st January 2022. Without a completed form, medication cannot be given. Forms should be completed for any medications that are required (such as regular medicines, travel sickness tablets or Calpol). Medicines should not be given to children to administer themselves. Your child's medicine should then be bought to school on the morning of the residential in a clear, named bag.



Please ensure that snacks do not contain nuts due to allergies within Year 5. Please remind your child/ren that they should only consume the sweets or snacks given to them by their parent. As the children will not be bringing money with them, tuck shops will not be available.


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