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Art and Design at St Andrew's CE School


At St Andrew's CE School, we recognise that Art creates imagination, curiosity, and creativity. We value art as a vital part of the curriculum, that provides many opportunities for visual and sensory experiences. Providing a high-quality art and design curriculum is important to the development of pupils’ well-being, appreciation of the world and understanding and empathy of others. Our curriculum has been designed to engage and inspire, and to equip pupils with a broad range of skills using various mediums. Children will have many opportunities throughout the school to experience art and develop their understanding of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.


We provide a wide range of knowledge and skills for children of all abilities to create, experiment and communicate through art, which is captured in their own individual sketchbooks.  As the pupils' progress, they will gain an understanding of how art and design has shaped the world and different cultures, and will explore the techniques of many diverse artists throughout history. Pupils are encouraged to design, create, and evaluate, allowing for deeper and more critical thinking.

Art and Design in action at St Andrew's!