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History at St Andrew's CE School


St Andrew's CE School is dedicated to ensuring that we offer all children high-quality history education.  Through a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum, children learn how to use substantive and disciplinary knowledge to apply their knowledge to investigate and interpret the past, develop their chronological understanding, use a wide range of historical terms and become historians.


The history curriculum has been planned to include core knowledge that children need to support historical analysis and argument. The curriculum is planned in chronological order with opportunities to build on prior knowledge, and make links between and across periods, to secure and build a big picture of history.


The History curriculum at our school is planned with the school’s context in mind, it aims to address these issues and give children the powerful cultural capital that they need to understand the world in which they are growing up in. We also aim to ensure that all children feel represented by our History Curriculum despite gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. 


Therefore, we will give our children:

1. A strong chronological understanding of what has happened before them in British History and opportunities to learn about Evesham’s place within British history. 

2. Knowledge of key concepts: cause and consequence, change and continuity, similarity and difference, historical significance, sources and evidence and historical interpretations are taught in History and links made to the impact on how we all live today. Factors like migration and social developments are also discussed.

3. The opportunity to develop substantive and disciplinary knowledge through planned enquiry questions. 4. Learning through meaningful examples and repeated encounters to develop more secure schemas.

5. Planned opportunities to learn and use historical vocabulary.

6. Experience of diverse cultures and representing the cultures and family origins of the pupils themselves.


The quality of our History curriculum was recognised, in 2021, when we were awarded Silver in the Historical Association History Mark. 

History in action at St Andrew's