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Health & Safety

Health and Safety

Parking - Driving down to the school gates at busy times of the day makes it difficult for children to enter and leave school safely. There is always space to park further up the road, but it is illegal to park anywhere marked by zig-zag lines. Please park considerately, taking care not to block residents’ driveways.

Dogs - Dogs are not allowed on school grounds, nor should they be left, unsupervised, outside school tied to the fence.

Smoking and E-cigarettes - St Andrew’s is a no-smoking area; this includes the grounds and car park. Also, please refrain from smoking or vaping at the school gate. 

Bicycles and scooters- Pupils may cycle to school at their parent’s discretion; bicycles can be secured in the rack provided. Any bicycle or scooter brought to school is done so at your own risk.

Playground – the gate opens at 8.45am, children should not enter the playground before this.  Please ensure they do not play in the car park whilst waiting.  Children should be collected promptly at 3pm; once they have been dismissed from class they should not be left unsupervised on school grounds.  If, in an emergency, you will be late collecting your child please phone the office by 2.30pm.

Visitors - All visitors must sign in at the office and collect a visitor’s badge.  If you notice unauthorised people on site, when the school is closed, please alert the police using telephone number 101.  This is an anonymous service and they will attend site as soon as they are able.

Hot weather - It is sensible to wear a cap or sun hat and bring water in a refillable drinks bottle to school.  Sunscreen is also important.  Please apply a long-lasting sunscreen at the beginning of the day, as we are unable to apply sunscreen in school.