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Physical Education

Physical Education at St Andrew's CE School

At St Andrew's CE School, we offer an inclusive and varied program of physical activity that allows all children to engage in a range of different physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle. Partaking in Physical Education is essential in supporting children’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and moral development. Our Christian Values of Respect, Friendship and Perseverance are promoted through our PE Curriculum. 


The curriculum is designed so the skills and knowledge children need are sequenced to progressively build on from each other. Our curriculum aims to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and life. We follow the 'Real PE' scheme of work which focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. The key fundamentals within sports, are prioritised and then these are then applied in sport specific contexts in the pupils’ alternative lesson. This ensures key motor skills development, such as improving running and jumping, balance, agility and co-ordination are improved and children have the skills and knowledge they need. Tactics, evaluation, and developing team work are explicitly taught throughout the PE curriculum. Pupils are provided competitive opportunities, learning game team-based sports e.g. football, hockey, netball, basketball etc. and develop flexibility, strength and balance within gymnastics and dance. We have an ambitious curriculum which is aligned to The National Curriculum’s aims, purpose of study and objectives. 


We have strong links with local clubs who provide expert coaching and provide a gateway to extra-curricular sports for pupils. We also use an expert coach to develop teacher practice supporting teachers to deliver high-quality PE lessons. This support is bespoke and teacher surveys and questionnaires are used to target support and CPD.  


The range of sports available at St Andrew’s CE School, both within curriculum time as well as within after school clubs, enriches our broad, engaging and inclusive curriculum. Our high standard of Teaching and Learning has enabled our children to excel within competitive situations within competitions and we actively engage in School Games competitions and festivals. St Andrew’s achievement and dedication within sport and PE has been further highlighted through our awards for participation and achievement within the Worcestershire Virtual School Games. We ensure SEND is not a barrier for participation in sport and opportunities are provided within the PE curriculum and through inclusive festivals. This reinforces the commitment we have towards ensuring that all of our children are provided with the best opportunities to realise and achieve their full sporting potential.

PE in action at St Andrew's!