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Science at St Andrew's CE School


The purpose of science education is to ‘develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena’. At St Andrew’s CE School, children have the opportunity to explore science using key questions to stimulate independent thinking and inquisitive minds. Where and when appropriate child-led investigations are at the heart of the learning, but with specific teaching of the science behind the activities being key.


Our curriculum is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards its clearly defined endpoints. This starts from reception and continues to year 5. Consideration is given to subjects that need to be revisited throughout the year as well as how knowledge and skills are built from year to year. Lessons are sequenced in a way, which builds upon prior learning and prepares children for the next steps in their learning. Research shows that a clear correlation between early introduction to science concepts in primary school positively influences subsequent science learning throughout secondary school and achievement in science.


From Reception to year 5, the subjects covered at St Andrew’s CE school include plants, animals including humans, everyday materials, seasonal changes, living things and their habitats, rocks, light, forces and magnets, states of matter, sound, electricity and earth and space. There is a systematic build-up of key vocabulary so the children can apply the concepts. Science is taught both in the classroom and outside. Cohesion between maths and science is considered with maths being specifically taught for use in science.


How scientific knowledge is generated and grows is specified in the ‘working scientifically’ sections of the national curriculum and it includes knowing how to carry out practical procedures. For younger children, adult-directed investigations are key, but as the children progress through school, more child-led investigations are encouraged.


At St Andrew’s CE School, we like to do more, know more and remember more.

Science in action at St Andrew's!