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Computing at St Andrew's CE School


Technology is becoming an everyday part of life. At St Andrew’s we hope to prepare our children for a future in an environment shaped by technology. Our main aim of computing at St Andrew’s to engage children with cross-curricular learning through interacting with a variety of technology. At St Andrew’s we endeavour to provide computing opportunities throughout each area of the curriculum to provide stimulating learning for all.


By using NCCE resources, this allows the children throughout each year group to develop their skills progressively throughout. Additionally, the children will gain key knowledge and have opportunities to apply it in the three main areas of the computing curriculum: computer science (programming and understanding how digital systems work), information technology (using computer systems to store, retrieve and send information) and digital literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully). The objectives within each strand support the development of learning across the key stages, ensuring a solid grounding for future learning and beyond.


We recognise that our pupils' lives, both socially and vocationally, will increasingly take place within a digital medium and therefore, this subject is seen as vital in developing a broad range of skills that will enable not only digital competence but also ensure an understanding of how to be a responsible online citizen; our curriculum therefore places equal emphasis on teaching digital literacy in line with the expectations of Keeping Children Safe in Education and in line with RSE curriculum.

Computing in action at St Andrew's!