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Food & Snacks

Food and Snacks

We are a Healthy School and would ask parents to support us in helping children make good choices in adopting a balanced diet.

Hot Meals:

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to receive a free school meal, through the Universal Free School Meal Scheme.

Key Stage 2 pupils whose parents’ joint income does not exceed £16,190, may also be entitled to free school meals – details and application forms are available from the office or via the Worcestershire County Council website:

Key Stage 2 children can also purchase a hot school meal or sandwich for £2.30 per day.

Children can have a meal every day or just occasionally, but they must be pre-ordered via Class Catering by clicking HERE. For the instructions of how to register for the meal ordering system, please click on the link below:


Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are offered fruit at morning break, free of charge, to encourage them to make healthy choices. Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for breaktime. Chocolate and crisps are not allowed to be consumed as their breaktime snack and sweets should not be part of your child's snack or lunchbox, as these pose a choking risk.  


Children under 5 are entitled to receive a carton of free milk each day.  If you wish for your child to continue to receive milk after this, it can be ordered at a subsidised cost, currently 25p a carton. 


All children should bring a named water bottle into class each day which can be refilled.  Fizzy and sugary drinks are not allowed in school.