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Questions regarding the invasion of The Ukraine

We are aware that some of the children are anxious and have questions about the invasion of The Ukraine.

As parents and carers, we completely understand that you will have your own views on how much you feel it is appropriate for your child to know. You absolutely know your child best. In school, we will discuss the situation in basic and age-appropriate terms in relation to the current context of the world. This will form part of our class discussions, reflection and worship. We are taking care not to state the invasion as by the 'Russians', as we know there are many Russians in Russia, and this country, who are deeply opposed to what is happening.

At home, you may choose to explore the situation further with your children. If this is the case, the following resources could be helpful: - This helpfully outlines situation-specific vocabulary - Helpful when considering how far you wish to explore the issue - Useful advice about how to support your child when they are upset by current news - A short programme explaining the conflict at a basic level